Nouvelle Technique de la Contrebasse, Band 3

Rabbath, François | erschienen 2005 in Frankreich

Text presented in French, English, German and Italian. With little exisiting in the way of study books for the double bass, François Rabbath's (b. 1931) three volume series, New Technique of the Double Bass is welcomed by allperformers of the instrument. Syrian born Rabbath moved to Paris in 1955 to further his studies on the double bass. He soon began composing for the instrument as well as transcribing works of other composers for the instrument. The third volume of Nouvelle Technique is a significant contribution to the field of double bass pedagogy and covers physical and psychological approaches to the instrument, bowstrokes, harmonics and contains exercises andstudies. Being such a prominent double bassist, Rabbath's Nouvelle Technique de la Contrebasse is a well-informed and essential accompaniment to all double bass studies.