Ready Steady Go!

Elliott, Cathy in England

Ready, Steady, Go! starts with a few short open string tunes to develop some initial bowing movements and then introduces the left hand without assuming the student can read music. Left hand technique, bowing technique and music reading skills are developed simultaneously. Relative solfa is recommended for establishing a sense of pitch and rhythm and in developing note reading skills. Technical skills are introduced one at a time to ensure solid technical development.

By the end of the book students have learned to read and play in first position while playing by ear in other positions. They have explored key signatures up to two sharps plus simple and compound time signatures. Minims, crotchets, quavers and semiquavers have been encountered along with crotchet rests. (Half, quarter, eighth and sixteenth notes plus quarter note rests). Simple two note slurs on one string or changing strings have been introduced. There are opportunities to develop various bow strokes.

A number of tunes have piano accompaniments.